Are you a writer, thinker, producer or artist who identifies as Caribbean?

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Submissions are welcomed in the form of:

  • short articles
  • essays
  • think pieces
  • reviews
  • interviews
  • original literary works
  • photography and photo-essays
  • video

In particular, the exploration of issues regarding identity, race, gender, society, current affairs and culture through a Caribbean lens is especially encouraged.

The Global West Indian is an evolving creative space focused on the collective sharing of individual knowledge and perspectives on global issues as well as those unique to our islands – so be flexible, go there, push those boundaries and express ya’self.


Some key considerations for authoring content on TGWI:

  • Works may be fiction or non-fiction (other technical specifications outlined further)
  • At this time, no monetary compensation can be provided however;
  • Authors will receive full accreditation for their work, and promotion of their pieces and personal web spaces.
  • We are on the hunt – Selected, regular columnists will receive full profiles, regular commissions and the opportunity to represent the The Global West Indian at key events.



Our team will review your contributions and aim to respond with feedback within two (2) weeks of submission. Please ensure any written work is spell-checked and grammatically correct. If selected for publishing TGWI may suggest that you further review and edit your piece; we will not make edits to your work directly.