Alicia Michelle Griffith


Founder of The Global West Indian, and Creative Director at (a)zed media. Creation + Travel + Art + Coffee = Life, as I know it.

Shani Rogers

Barbadian-born writer based in London, UK. She studied Media and Communications and after a stint in Marketing is now a very content Digital Content Editor. She loves reading 'everything' and is a walking IMDb. Favourite phrase: 'blup,blup,blup'

Maria Kublalsingh


Returning to Barbados in 2007, Maria stumbled into the world of advertising and quickly learnt the power of storytelling. A degree in social psychology and an interest into what connects people, she knew there were better stories to be told. Maria continues to seek out people whose stories can change the world.

Amery Butcher


Behind the lens

Nikola Simpson

A real life mermaid who has made a career out of her love for the sea as an Ocean Conservationist. Also known as the turtle, whale or shark girl, she is passionate and dedicated to her work and research in sustainable fisheries and ocean management in Barbados and the Caribbean.

Vanessa Geldart

Canadian born Guyanese/Jamaican writer, wife and mother. She is currently exploring the world of children's literature.

Danielle Regis

Barbadian-born chemist turned creative writer and blogger.