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Guyanese - Barbados - The Global West Indian

Guyanese and Living in Barbados

We asked Ranussa to share her some of her experiences on being a Guyanese living in Barbados. Watch her response.   — Have an opinion or story you’d like to share? Send us your thoughts to

The Commercialization of Bob Marley

Growing up in the Caribbean…or anywhere in the world, you can’t turn the corner without seeing a Bob/One Love/We Jammin/ t-shirt, key chain, lighter, the works and usually in green, red, yellow and black.
A panoramic view of Bridgetown, Barbados

Brax brax to Barbados: Independence Day edition

I few months ago, on my annual trip to the homeland, I was asked to do a nice historical piece for Barbados Independence. I remember it well; deliciously warm night, whistling frogs out and bad, the stars sprawl out pun de night sky, a glass of ru...

She Will Know Better

From the moment I open my eyes to my daughter’s waking calls, in the half-light that is 5 a.m., I worry about her. I worry about how much she’s eaten for the day, if she went #2… Am I stimulating her mind enough? Giving her enough freedom? And am I r...

You ain’t got no broughtupsy?

In my final year of university, coming up to my last Easter holiday, my parents made the trip over to England just in time to witness the arrival of my nephew. ...

The Mystery of the Silent Twin Sisters from Barbados

My interest has always been piqued by the colourful stories of ghouls and creepy experiences; especially when they hit close to home. From the legend of the Chase vault, to the tales of the Steel Donkey, Heart Man and many more, ask and I've proba...

A Jamaican, some glue and a brush make magic

Watch Jamaican artist, Leash Johnson installing 'Promise Land' in Aruba during the 2015 edition of Caribbean Linked. Caribbean Linked III recently concluded and while everyone has their individual taste, there’s one piece that everyone agrees was ...